Thursday, July 14, 2016

Mark 16:15 Happy Birthday Layne

Mark 16: 15  And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.”

No, I did not forget Layne’s birthday this year.  I know some of you thought I had—or him.  No, he’s a part of me, and always will be. 

On Layne’s birthday, I was out of town due to a conference for the ministry I am blessed to serve with.  It’s a ministry to the adult entertainment industry, probably one of the most unreached demographics in America.  I went to Chicago to learn, to hear from God, to meet sisters who work the same type of ministries. 

Not only did I not forget Layne’s birthday, he has been ever so present on my mind.  For years, he yearned to move to Oregon.  He considered it a huge mission field, and felt that it was our destiny to be in ministry in Oregon.  I know that he would be so pleased to know that I am spending my time letting women in Oregon know that Jesus loves them.

What in the world do you do in a strip club?  Well, we go in, and we hug the ladies.  We hug the bouncers.  We smile.  We bring light.  We bring cookies, we bring gifts, we bring the love of Christ.  We give them a place to call when things are dark, or they have needs.  We give them a Facebook page to post their smiles to, and sometimes, we hold those who have lost their family members and friends to violence.  In short, we do missions work without ever using our passports.

So, it seems very fitting that on his birthday month, I have been working to learn more about how to do this ministry better.  I’ve been bonding with ladies who are part of the Strip Church network, and who have been going into clubs with God’s love for much longer.  It seems like a tribute to the life he lived—walking among the homeless to bring food and love, always having his office door open for anyone who needed to talk, always willing to answer his phone or go to a friend in need.

Maybe Strip Church isn’t a ministry for you.  But who is hurting near you who needs a hand up, a hug, a listening ear?  Spend some time this month, and do that for Layne…as a tribute.

I know he’d be smiling…..and looking down on me to say:  "You GO girl....!"

Happy Birthday Layne….you are missed more every day!