Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Psalm 126:5

"They that sow in tears shall reap in joy."

 Yesterday, I got the last Carepage entry for a friend. Well, she isn't really a friend--when Layne was diagnosed, I searched Carepages for others with esophageal cancer. I wanted desperately to read about hope and cure. The first I came across was WMB's--Wally. Wally and his wife fought the good fight. They did all the right things...but yesterday, she was memorializing her two year anniversary without Wally.

 She described the emptiness, the sadness. She opened her aching heart to all who would hear, and then announced that she would no longer be updating the Carepage. I was sad. I wish she would write more, because her battle isn't over. She is carrying the banner for her husband. The battle continues as long as people continue to get diagnosed too late. And she does a nice job of reminding everyone to get an endoscopy done in her posts.

A lot of people think that when the funeral happens, the battle is over. It is not over, and it never will be, for those left behind. We have much to do in the memory of the one we have lost. We have part of us missing that we will try to fill the rest of our lives, but that will never be whole. Don't forget widows and orphans after the funeral. Even two years after the funeral. Remember them, because they cannot forget.

 I'd like to leave you with this wonderful video. It was created by a friend's niece--as a school project. It is one of the most educational videos out there on EC. This young lady misses her grandpa... For her, the battle will rage on...forever.


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  1. Good post, Betty, and good advice. (((hugs)))