Friday, July 20, 2012

James 4:14

Yet you do not know what your life will be like tomorrow. You are just a vapor that appears for a little while and then vanishes away.

We are in shock as a nation.  We stare at the television and wonder--what causes a person to walk into a crowded theater and take, steal and destroy?  What spawned this creature...this person who could care so little for others that only his own pain and his own comfort mattered?

Was it his parents?  Was it his friends?  Did no one see this coming?  Who caused this?  Is it the gun laws?  Is it the lack of arts in the schools?  We want to blame.  We want to be assured that this cannot happen to OUR families, to US!  

But in reality, these situations are the doing of our entire society.  We have made these monsters, because inside, we are these monsters.   We make excuses, just as this man did.  We do not follow the laws of God, we follow our own conscience.  We decide what we should feel convicted of, instead of looking to see what God says is right and wrong.  We choose the easy path, instead of the right path.  We commit violence to one another...and we give reasons why our causing of pain is justified.  Why ripping apart the fabric of our society is alright.  When in reality, God says is not.

When Christians cannot and do not walk in His footsteps, deciding instead to create our own path--as if we know better--how can we expect that our society will not degrade.  How can we expect that we will be protected...and that God will overlook our transgressions?  Forgiveness there is, but the effects of our sin is not wiped out by forgiveness.  We will still live with our decisions, as will our children, and their children, just as Israel did throughout the scriptures.  

As Christians, we like to point at everyone else.  We are sure that atheism is causing this moral mess--we point and we shout.  But Atheists who don't believe are not causing those who WANT to believe to wander from the church.  It is those of us not living our faith that do that.

We point at the homosexual marriage movement...but when we as mothers and fathers cannot do the hard work of marriage, and have the same divorce rate as unbelievers--what hope is there for the world?  Who is showing love, two committed persons who stand up for one another but are the same sex, or two Christians who take one another to court (against the scriptures clearly) and who destroy what God says "no man should put asunder?"  

We point at the schools, but how many of us go INTO the schools to bring messages of hope and of love.  How many of us sit beside the child of abuse and give them a many of us speak up when we should, and instead wait--hoping that our own intervention will be enough?  How many of us take kids whose parents have NOT helped them learn and tutor them, patiently land lovingly?  

The causes of Colorado....are the same as when Columbine happened.  We can only point to ourselves.  God didn't cause it.  The parents didn't cause one person caused it.  The blame rests on us as a community.  It is time that we quit talking about "doing the right thing" and actually DO the right thing.  

Life, we see, is short.  There isn't a lot of time to say "I'm sorry," or to do that thing you know is right...but you've been putting off.  There isn't a lot of time to mend wounds of long ago, or to make good on promises made--taking a child to fly that kite, calling someone you promised to touch base with, being accountable to God--to do what He calls us to--even when it's not the easiest thing for US.  

If his depression, someone had done this for the Colorado shooter.  If only he lived in a world where people didn't say "I care" but showed they care. If only he saw in the body of the church Christ and him crucified--giving of all he was for his bride--instead of broken people, broken families that beget more broken families, pastors who have affairs, Christian businessmen who are using unfair measures.   If only we didn't say "I was nothing and Christ gave all for me," but "I am Christ for he lives in me, and I will reach out to those who need me.--and I will be one whom others can see Christ within!"

If you had only one more day, what would you heal, instead of destroying?  Who would you love instead of shunning?  What would you give instead of taking?  What if tomorrow were the day that God demanded your answers.  Who would you blame?  Who can we blame?  What should our response to tragedy be....

What is your response?

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