Monday, October 8, 2012

Psalm 103:4-5

"(Bless the Lord oh my soul) who redeems your life from the pit; who crowns you with lovingkindness and compassion, who satisfies your years with good things, so that your youth is renewed like the eagle."

We are all on a quest for good things.  We spend our lives trying to amass good things don't we?  I certainly have.  When I was seventeen and ready to launch my own life, "good things" meant a place of my own, a corner office in New York City editing some national magazine, looking down on people from my ivory tower.

As I journeyed forward, I wanted a home, a nice car, pretty clothes for the girls.  But that wasn't enough.  Pretty soon, I was sitting in an amazing home with a pool, gathering more checks than bills from my mailbox and I still wanted MORE good things.

Then came the Lord, to change my perspective.  He took my definition of "good things" and turned it all around.  Two weeks with my kids on a beach, watching Mike make a perfect catch and chase down a runner, standing in the rain, watching the homeschool teens honor their parents with tributes, and being able to lead a student to the Lord at Dare2Share....those became my new "good things."

Not a new car, but a hand in yours.  Not a bigger house, but a hug from a true friend.  Not more precedence in the community, but more opportunities to serve.  God does change our perspective...and THEN and only then can He satisfy our years with good things.  He always wants to, but our viewpoints are so skewed sometimes, that though he is trying to give us so many good things, we refuse to see them.

I've learned that the following are all good things. They are more valuable than jewels, cars, houses, or money.  In fact, most GOOD things cannot be valued in dollars and cents, that is how you know they are GOOD!  

I'm sure you have good things in your life, that perhaps you have forgotten to be thankful for--never forget to thank Him.  For He is the creator of all things good.

Good Things:

The crash of a wave, and then another, and another.
The flight of a gull over the beach
The smile of a child who just found a treasure
Watching lovers walk together--who have been together for fifty years.  
A treasured family photo
Memories of our parents
A promise kept
Snuggling on your husband's chest, and feeling him breathe
Watching your child take his first steps--into the world of adulthood
Having the Word of God warm you up on a very cold morning
A good friend who comes from far to care for you
The day AFTER you have the flu...when you start to feel better
The bloom of a flower
An agate on the beach, and the SEARCH for the agate, which is better than the agate itself
A journey, any journey that involves a dirt path
The sound of a bat contacting the ball
The sight of a child in a sleeping bag
The purr of a cat
Worship so intense you feel like the heavens are opening up
A letter or card from a friend
A call from a far away child
A great doctor's report
The satisfaction that you feel when a friend has good news in their life
A strong hand in yours
A journal left behind for you to read...where you are called "honored, precious, treasured"
A moment in time where you have NOTHING to do
The sound of the wind through the trees
Your children...anytime, all the time.
Being told "thanks for making me the man I have become Mom"
A hug
Soft warm knee socks
The opportunity to make new memories
Watching the woman in front of you at church take off her shoes and worship God with all her might
The sound of a hammered dulcimer
The time spent with a piano, alone.

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